About iCrop

The platform for digital field service support.

Improve your crop management with our all-in-one app! Manage observations, communication and advice efficiently and digitally directly from the field. With iCrop, you strengthen your farm’s digital strategy together with your growers. Our integrated approach ensures that both advisor and grower activities are fully digitally supported. iCrop makes it possible to jointly manage every step of the crop, for a smarter and more productive future!

iCrop platform

iCrop in a nutshell

Within modern agricultural management, recording observations is a must.

Easily communicate tasks and other data with the client. Thus, not only create overview but also strengthen your bond with the grower.

Capturing observations helps to better understand crop growth, health and potential.

Report on the past to grow in the future. With our reporting system, you enter data in no time and get an overview of your results.

The power of iCrop dissected

iCrop app

All users’ daily functions can be done in iCrop app. Using the phone’s location, the app always recognizes the crop and crop. An observation with a photo is made with just a few clicks. Instantly viewable online for users.

Cultivation Agenda

The cultivation calendar is there for overview and making tasks and observations. All observations, opinions, planned and performed activities in one overview. Using filters, the user gets an easy overview. Predefined buttons help users quickly create, check off or modify tasks. The crop diary is the heart of the crop file.

Screenshot iCrop op tablet

Construction Plan and Greenhouse Plan

The cropping plan and greenhouse plan is the overview of plots and crops. Crops can be entered themselves based on satellite maps or read in from RFO.

Screenshot iCrop op tablet


Users can compile and request their own reports in Excel or PDF. Benchmarking is easy thanks to standard reports, and reporting to quality schemes such as Global Gap are also easily formatted, completed and sent digitally.

Screenshot iCrop op tablet


On top of the basic setup of iCrop, you can choose additional modules. With modules, you can completely customize iCrop to suit your type of farm, growers and crops.

Verifies that your crop protection product application is planned or performed in accordance with authorization or quality schedule.

All resources delivered are recorded electronically as inventory. Write-off with tasks is automatic so there is always an up-to-date overview of resources on the farm.

Link your smartfarm pole to a crop and instantly see the latest measurements, current disease pressure and the best time to spray for crop protection.

Link tasks to a contract worker.

Chat with consultants and growers about observations.

Near real-time linkage between everything in iCrop and your own farm management systems. Links to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and PowerBI.

If your growers are already working with existing management systems, iCrop can seamlessly interchange with them.

Estimate size of harvests is, plan harvest times and calculate logistical resources.