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Passion, professionalism and knowledge in digital cultivation advice

iCrop is a product of AppsforAgri B.V. . With great passion we work on software and sensor solutions.

Our mission is to provide our customers with data to enable them to develop the most reliable crop recommendations. This allows customers, the growers, to optimize their crop growth with a focus on sustainability, efficiency and profitability. We achieve this together with a professional team consisting of the most skilled experts and practitioners with years of experience. 

We combine research with practical understanding of the requirements within modern agriculture. Thus, we create an innovative platform, where we can provide our customers with the most relevant data, tailored to the customer personally. This is ultimately what working in one of the world’s leading Ag-tech companies means to us and what brings out the best in our abilities. 

iCrop from AppsforAgri

Working at iCrop means working together. To make our visionary ideas about a more efficient, profitable and sustainable future of agriculture a reality, we seek to bring the broadest possible spectrum of expertise to the table. This means not only bringing together the most skilled experts, but also combining their knowledge with the valuable insights of our agricultural practitioners.

This merging of two worlds is especially evident in our work practice. That is, the combination of state of the art research and a thorough practical understanding of the demands of modern agriculture. Here, our personal background in agriculture allows us to follow our personal passion to create a future for agriculture that we can be personally proud of. This is ultimately what working in one of the world’s leading Agtech companies means to us and what brings out the best of our abilities.

Expertise in cultivation consulting

AppsforAgri B.V. is more than just one of the market leading Agtech companies in the world. It is more than a pioneer with a smart take on some of the world’s most pressing problems. It is the realization of our own strong ideals and beliefs: Making agriculture more efficient, more profitable and, above all, more sustainable than it has ever been. To achieve this goal, we consider it our duty to provide the agricultural sector with smart and affordable solutions to the constantly growing challenges they face every day.

From skyrocketing food demand to continued government restrictions – we want to cover every aspect of modern agriculture to see a future where our personal ideals and beliefs become reality. Our strong conviction, coupled with our fresh perspective, smart problem solving and broad expertise have made us the company we are today.


The iCrop team

Profielfoto Corne Braber

Corné Braber


Profielfoto Aart Monster Product manager iCrop

Michel de Vree


Profielfoto Aart Monster Product manager iCrop

Aart Monster

Product manager iCrop

profielfoto Robert-Jan Bijl, Developer van iCrop

Robert-Jan Bijl


Profielfoto van Alex van Dun

Alex van Dun


Robert-Jan Bijl
Developer iCrop

Jan Waterman