An efficient field service

Offer your field service complete digital support with iCrop. Automate your advice without the worries of automation with our SAAS platform iCrop Work efficiently with advisors, growers and contractors using the online app. iCrop is the innovative platform for crop advisors, growers, agricultural cooperatives and ag retailers.

iCrop consists of different modules so that the software can be completely customized for your organization With a clear app, your advisors have all the necessary information at hand right away.

iCrop platform

Stay competitive in agribusiness with digital technology

Use the app to record your visit and add observations. Respond remotely to the observations of colleagues and your growers by giving immediate advice on cultivation.

All guidelines around crop protection are available in iCrop. Recommendations are automatically reviewed and users are immediately informed about application to the crop, dosage, intervals and safety periods.

With a powerful and reliable platform, we lay the foundation for valuable advice that not only upholds your reputation but also improves your customer relationships.

The iCrop app recognizes the field you are walking in and displays all current relevant information in the field overview. What advice has been given, implemented and the latest observation listed so that new advice can be better substantiated.

An observation from a grower or colleague immediately calls the attention of consultants. The chat feature allows targeted communication with everyone.

Build your data position year-by-year for your future digital services. Capture knowledge of your advisors and make comparing information easy.

Collaborate online with in the mobile app so much less travel time is lost. This makes time available for consulting and cultivation guidance.

iCrop has a clear dashboard that can display all the relevant information that management likes to see.

iCrop is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. SaaS solution allows you to automate your business processes without the worries of automation and at a fraction of the cost if you build and maintain software yourself.

More efficient

  • Less travel time
  • Make advice once and easily share with colleague
  • Share advice easily with multiple growers
  • Easily customize opinions
  • Less administration through digital visit reports
  • Share and discuss observations online

Data position

  • Easily review opinions
  • Share opinions easily with colleague
  • Evaluate advice for better advice in the future
  • Understanding consequences of disappearing resources
  • Adapt basic advice easily
  • Fewer errors due to digital advice
  • All opinions and observations digital for better analysis

Cultivation Consultants
Provide better advice for daily crop protection

Manage your crops more efficiently and effectively

Agricultural cooperatives
Improve your services with digital support