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"You are always up-to-date with GMN Crop"

Took over from Greenity. Text: Lilian Braakman. Photography: PR, René Faas 

The regulations regarding to crop protection are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, the registration of the application of plant protection products must meet the requirements. These two points are one of the reasons for crop protection supplier GMN to develop GMN Crop: a tool for spray registration. 

"Frank van den Hoek of GMN explains briefly how GMN Crop works: "Anyone who starts the program can simply add his plots. The grower assigns a crop to the plot and can then start planning the application of the plant protection products. GMN Crop helps growers to act within the guidelines and make no mistakes when registering. "



Control function

Lex Broersen of GMN: "We want to give the user a good feeling. When a grower uses GMN Crop, he must know that it is correct. Adding a spraying moment in advance is most convenient. If something according to the label is not possible, the grower will receive an error message with details of what is wrong. "According to Van den Hoek, this control function is unbeatable. Broersen explains why: "There are other programs, but they generally indicate what is wrong. We look at each line on the label, such as for which crop the product may be used, how many liters per hectare is allowed and how many days there should be between spraying. In addition, we show the label and all important information, such as nozzles, safety measures and resistance management.

"You are always up-to-date with GMN Crop," says Van den Hoek. "When the Board for the authorization of plant protection products and biocides makes an adjustment or change, this will be adjusted almost immediately in the program."


”The program has been on the market since January 2017, but made more user-friendly later. This means that users only have to sign a plot once. They want to do the same spraying on the same or a different plot? The copy function makes that possible. Broersen: "GMN Crop is a tool for the grower. It is required to make a crop protection monitor. That is possible. But there are several options for reports possible. An example is that the grower can see exactly how much use he has used on crop or field level. He can use this printout or an employee to fill the spraying machine. This printout shows exactly what and how much means is needed for the spraying. In addition, the program is supplier-independent. All the plant protection products are included in the program."

How does GMN Crop work?

How the program works exactly is explained step by step in a short film. This can be seen on the Greenity website:



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