Modules to optimize registration and advice!

With the basic application iCrop you can handle the most common processes in agriculture and horticulture. For specific application, various modules have been created. The modules of iCrop offer the possibilities to further tailor your services to your customers. Our specialists have developed these modules together with the users so that they seamlessly connect with your practice. Specific modules can easily be manufactured for you. Improve your overview of all your advice with iCrop!


GBM module

Crop protection module

The correct use of crop protection is a complex task with current legislation and regulations. In addition to legal applications, there are more and more certification schemes with specific requirements for the use of crop protection. The crop protection module contains all the agents, additives and foliar fertilizers authorized in the Netherlands, including application information. In addition, the module can be set up for the use of certification schemes, eco-label and water extraction areas. Your users will be interactively informed about legal norms and application methods in this module, so that errors and problems are kept to a minimum.

Fertilizer module

Fertilizers are increasingly being mixed specifically for the various crops and growers. The Fertilizer module is made to register these mixes easily. The module allows users to add company-specific mixes of fertilizers. In addition, the exact levels of animal fertilizers can also be registered with this module. This makes it possible to register and account for accurate registration of the minerals used on the farm. And precisely that information is important to be able to intervene in a targeted manner.



Veldmonitor bewerkt 2

Growth monitor

Accurate measurements in combination with observations in iCrop enables the advisor to greatly improve advice on the crops. The growth phase of crops can be accurately viewed remotely. Performing and entering the measurements is simple; measure with one hand and enter the data with your other hand. Afterwards, an analysis can be made of the advice in combination with the harvest. In this way the advisor helps the grower to get more yield from crops. We have built in regions and crop phases for the module. This makes it possible to plan the applications of crop protection and fertilizers specifically, depending on the phases.

Harvest module

The harvest module allows you to make a accurate planning of the harvest on the basis of observations. The planning is immediately shared with the grower, the contractor and the logistics. Interim changes can be implemented at any time, after which they are immediately visible to those involved. The transports are also coupled to the harvest task in order to discharge the harvested product. In order to support the processing in the factories, all times of harvest and transport have been recorded automatically.



Scoutbox module

The module allows growers to read and display results from Scoutbox in iCrop. By making it visible, growers and advisors quickly gain a better understanding of areas where diseases and pests are rapidly expanding. And precisely that information is important to be able to intervene in a targeted manner. In addition to the scout box data, other observation data can also be read and displayed via this module.

Stock module

The module helps you with the registration of the supplied and used plant protection product, including crop treatments at farm level and uncultivated land. With this you have an up-to-date overview of your stock.



User statistics

When changing from paper to digital, it is also important to have the management tools to control usage. The module "User statistics" can be used to monitor your users. At a glance you can see how active your users are on iCrop. With the user statistics, the integration of iCrop with your customers and users is well supported.

External access

The external access module controls all standardized import and export of data. Via external access it is possible to process all data from and to iCrop digitally.

Externe toegang



All growing operations for cultivation are ready for your growers. You are able to provide large numbers of crops centrally with a basic planning. The crop recipes can be dynamically adjusted based on field visits or crop growth models. You save time with the cultivation recipe module.

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