Collect and share crop information

iCrop makes it possible to collect and share digital crop data unique for your organisation. The cultivation is improved, the costs are reduced and the quality of the product is increased through the use of iCrop.
The basic functionalities of iCrop can be expanded with our modules.



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iCrop app

With the iCrop app you can quickly and easily record observations. Observations are automatically linked to the right crop and plot based on your location. All diseases, pests and weeds are available. The observation is immediately shown in the cultivation agenda and you can share the observation with external stakeholders.

Cultivation agenda

You can optimally advise your grower with the iCrop cultivation agenda by simply setting up tasks and recording observations. The regulations become more complex and at the same time your grower must comply with registration requirements. With iCrop, your grower acts within the guidelines. A clear overview of all observations and executed and planned work offers great added value. Tasks can easily be copied and shared with other crops.



Field plan and greenhouses plan

In iCrop you can easily add all lots and greenhouses. For optimal advice you can add lots from the RVO or on the basis of satellite images. Registration and advice can take place in a targeted manner. In one overview all your plots in a map!


iCrop offers the possibility to report your data. You can easily report all your tasks, applied plant protection products, recommendations and conclusions according to the EDI cultivation standard. The report can be made client-specific and shown in iCrop or you can make an export to PDF or Excel. You can easily exchange your data with other applications or third parties.





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